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Human Resource Consulting & Solutions
Human Resource Consulting & Solutions
Achieve Strategic Growth
Click Below If You: Have Any HR Related Questions. Are Experiencing High Turnover. Need Help Creating Policies. Do Not Have An Internal HR Team. Need Additional HR Team Members. Do Not Have Defined Hiring & Firing Policies. Or Are Unsure If You Are At RIsk Of Being Sued!
Direct Hire & On Demand Recruiting Solutions
Click Below If You Are: Looking For Your Next Hire. Need Help Developing A Hiring Process. Are Not Getting Applicants On Your Current Job Ad. Need Access to Applicant Testing. Need Help With Reference Checks. Need Help Sorting Through Applicants.
Contract & Temporary Staffing Solutions
Contract & Temporary Staffing Solutions
Staff To Suit Your Evolving Needs
Click Below If You: Need Staff For A Temporary Contract. Your Staff Member Called In Sick. You Need Flexibility When Hiring. Your Business Is Seasonal or You Experience Fluctuating Workloads. Have A Team Member Going On Maternity/Paternity Leave Or Vacation. Have A Contractor You Need To Put On Payroll.


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TPD is an international HR & Workforce Solutions company that provides tailored & scalable solutions to organizations that are experiencing growth, change or the pursuit of a positive employee culture.

We partner with organizations to provide on demand solutions that help them save time, money and internal resources.

As the HR evolution rapidly changes business landscapes and the traditional responsibilities of human resources, TPD continues to provide cutting edge solutions and hands-on expertise.

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