October 12, 2020

Total Workforce Solutions

Diverse Talent

Industry Experience

Proven Expertise

TPD goes above and beyond the typical staffing agency. We look at the big picture for your workforce requirements to deliver the right workforce solution when you need it, guaranteed.

What can TPD’s Total Workforce Solution do for you?

Avoid the burden of heavy fixed workforce costs and maximize your return.
Quickly access the staff and industry specific skills you need.
Use insights to drive transparency, consistency, and efficiency across your entire workforce.

Staffing & Recruiting Solutions Delivered

TPD has access to an international workforce in multiple sectors. Our staffing agency helps organizations perform through access to expert talent.

High Quality Candidates

We leverage our extensive talent network and conduct active searches to increase the quality and quantity of candidates available to you.

Check out how we reduced employee turnover by 43% to reach a 99% retention rate for a leading semiconductor company. Learn more >

Rapid Workforce Deployment

We continuously build and nurture talent communities across many industries, allowing us to scale workforces with rapid efficiency.

Learn how TPD’s workforce solution shortened a client’s hiring process from 60 days to 24 hours, without sacrificing quality. Learn More >

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How TPD’s Workforce Solutions Support You

Our comprehensive Workforce Solution services include:

Advertising & Traction

  • Top technology platforms
  • The best rates on advertising
  • Employer branding
  • Localized campaigns

Screening & Selection

  • Pre-hire assessments
  • Industry leading talent network
  • Reference and background screening
  • Interview training and facilitation

Post-Hire Support

  • New hire onboarding
  • Transparent process
  • Candidate support
  • Employer of Record payrolling