October 26, 2020

Client Success Stories

Customer Case Studies

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Transforming a Negative into a Positive

A negative company culture coupled with stiff competition for top talent resulted in a recruiting gap for a tech startup, stifling the organization’s ability to fill key roles and hurting employee morale.

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Legally Compliant & Brand Reflective Policies

An electrical engineering firm’s lengthy employee handbook failed to reflect the organization’s policies and employer brand, and it lacked sections required for legal compliance. The result was a difficult onboarding process for new employees and missed business opportunities.

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Creative Recruitment Bound by an Accelerated Deadline

After landing national distribution contracts, a manufacturing company faced the challenge of sourcing, screening and onboarding several new employees in a short amount of time - a task that its internal Human Resources team didn’t have the bandwidth to do alone.

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Reliable Hiring Meets High-Demand Talent Market

An expanding semiconductor company struggled to fill positions as its need for skilled workers grew exponentially amid a highly competitive talent market that was seeing the strongest job growth and lowest unemployment rate in more than a decade.

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Systems Cut Down Employee Onboarding Time by 75%

Manually printing, signing and sending thousands of documents a day to clients around the globe was a slow, inefficient process that increased the chance of human error, costing time and resources.

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Sourcing Skilled Workers for Priority Mining Projects

An international mining firm was having a hard time maintaining a pool of flexible, highly skilled contractors to meet the constantly changing needs of exploration projects, resulting in an inconsistent workforce available to onsite hiring managers.

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Overcoming Recruitment Challenges to Fill Physically Demanding Roles

By providing market intelligence, expanding candidate access, and emphasizing transparent communication, TPD exceeded expectations by placing 23 candidates in 12 months, revitalizing the organization's recruitment efforts

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Partnership Resolves HR Challenges for a Global Leader in Automotive Sales Training

Partnering with TPD and getting insights to an external HR team led to successful talent acquisition, cut down recruitment spend by 45%, and improved net promoter score by 15%.

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Navigating Complex Challenges: A Confidential Executive Search in the Exploration Industry

Leveraging TPD’s extensive mining industry knowledge, insights and connections, our team tapped into a vast and diverse pool of talent; all while maintaining confidentiality through the process.

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TPD's Innovative Solution to Remote Recruitment Challenges

Revolutionizing talent acquisition in a remote locale, TPD's innovative approach led to a 75% fill rate, 60% cost reduction, and impressive ROI for a global company facing recruitment challenges.