December 15, 2021


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Work with a team of innovative, entrepreneurial workforce experts dedicated to helping people succeed and organizations perform.

Why Choose TPD?


With everything we do, we put people first – and the same goes for our employees! We offer competitive compensation packages, career development opportunities, great benefits and more.


We place an importance on Family & Fun and aim to ensure you have enough time for work & life. We will work with you to create a flexible/mutually beneficial work agreement.


We work together as a team to achieve our objectives & solve problems. We have an open-door policy that ensures our leadership is accessible and open to ideas & feedback.

Who Are We?

61.5% of us are in Canada,
38.5% of us are in the U.S.A

53.8% of us are female,
46.2% of us are male

38.5% of us are
people of colour

23.1% of us are

What Are The Perks Of Working With Us?

Who Are We Looking For?

Best Workplaces™ in Professional Services Certification

We are honoured to announce that we’ve been named on the 2022 list of Best Workplaces™ in Professional Services.

This list is based on direct feedback from employees of the hundreds of organizations that were surveyed by Great Place to Work®.

We want to take a moment to acknowledge our amazing employees for your commitment to TPD's mission. Thank you for showing up every day to help people succeed and organizations perform!

Meet Some Of Our Team

Chris Navarro
Chris Navarro
Workforce Coordinator
At TPD, we have an incredible team, where everyone is so supportive, helpful and motivating. Managers truly care and take the time to invest in you and help you succeed. I also love how TPD provides me with the opportunity to change the course of someone’s life, whether it’s helping someone with career advancement, or giving them an exciting new job opportunity!
Kamela Cook
Kamela Cook
Sales Executive
TPD is progressive in allowing their internal staff to work 100% remotely – which I LOVE! I’m impressed with our company updates and love how we sharing successes, challenges, and future endeavours. It’s nice to know where the company is heading and it’s exciting to see that I’m going to be a part of these future achievements!
Srija Chakraborty
Srija Chakraborty
Sales and Marketing Coordinator
TPD gives their employees a lot of freedom and flexibility in their roles. The company is so progressive and is always willing to try out new initiatives to see what works best for their employees. The level of support and guidance you receive from your fellow coworkers is unmatched! Everyone celebrates each others successes and is always happy to see you grow.
Summer Becker
Summer Becker
Workforce Specialist
At TPD, we have the opportunity to place people with their dream jobs and find dream candidates for our clients, which is the most fulfilling parts of my job. Furthermore, I have never been part of such a supportive organization. I love that we hustle together, and have fun together! Everyone at TPD is truly passionate about the work they do.
Nabeela Nathu
Nabeela Nathu
Director, Transformations
TPD empowers its employees to work hard, but also trusts us in a way that allows us to juggle our personal and family needs. TPD recognizes that we have a life outside of work and I appreciate this balance!
Kaydi Saephanh
Kaydi Saephanh
Workforce Manager
TPD provides all of its employees with flexibility and autonomy in their roles. The company has strong processes and values which separate them from other organizations.
Robert Gotengco
Robert Gotengco
Workforce Specialist
The best thing about working at TPD is the rewarding work. When I take a step back and look at the meaningful impact we make on people’s lives, it makes me appreciate all the work we’re doing within this organization. What we do really goes beyond the numbers and the budget – although hitting our targets is quite satisfying too!
Zsofia Jasik
Zsofia Jasik
People and Culture Specialist
The best part about working at TPD is that there’s always something new, a variety of projects and clients to support. I feel like I keep learning and my role remains exciting. My coworkers are great to work with and the teams are welcoming and open to collaboration. TPD is also forward thinking and their programs show that they care about employees.

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