September 15, 2016

Recruiting Services

Find Your Next Team Member With Ease!

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Finding skilled team members who are going to help propel your organization to the next level is time consuming and challenging without access to the right screening processes and specialized networks.

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Insourced Talent Acquisition

For ongoing hiring needs and large scale hires, traditional recruiting models don't always makes sense. We take care of your hiring and build your employer brand with affordable pay for what you need packages!

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Executive Recruiting

To recruit high profile leaders you need to position yourself strategically and have access to the right network. Acting as your ambassador, we can take the legwork out of building your leadership team!

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Candidate Assessments

Stop wondering if the candidates you select truly have the skills they list on their resume. Our candidate assessments will help you ensure your top choice is truely qualified enough to be your best choice.

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Reference Checking

Make fully informed hiring decision and a successful transition for your new employee. We obtain information about previous job performance and validate a candidate's application and claims during the interview.

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"Service so far has been excellent, we received great talent. How can I say this? TPD works hard for us. We trust they are on it! It's also great value."

Jamie, Regional Manager, Construction Industry