September 29, 2016


Inthran Jeyaratnam: HR Manager with TPD Discusses Gaps In HR Compliance On Business Innovators Radio

Inthran Jeyaratnam, a Senior HR Manager with TPD, an international Workforce and HR Solutions company, discusses gaps in workforce compliance. Most businesses are one lawsuit from getting shut down, having proper employment policies and procedures in place are the keystone to business compliance success. Is your company compliant with up to date bullying and harassment policies and training?

TPD Featured in HubSpot Case Study for 75% Time Reduction in Employee Onboarding

TPD Cuts Client Onboarding Time by 75% by using HubSpot CRM and PandaDoc Integration, TPD is a global HR and workforce solutions company with locations throughout North America.

TPD manages large quantities and varieties of HR documents for their clients and their own hiring needs in employing thousands of temporary staff.

The easy to implement and operate CRM helped TPD seamlessly integrate their sales and marketing efforts – Specifically, HubSpot’s integration with PandaDoc, a document automation tool, saved TPD hundreds of hours, reducing client onboarding time by 75%. To highlight their PandaDoc integration, Hubspot recently published a case study showing how the addition has helped TPD be more efficient.


TPD Expands Portland Semiconductor Staffing Division

TPD an international workforce and HR solutions organization has been asked by clients to expand its semiconductor staffing solutions in the Portland Metro Area.

TPD provides semiconductor conductor organizations in the Portland region the flexible staffing solution they need to meet market demands including contractor payrolling solutions. The growing global demand for semiconductor components has provided growth opportunities for Portland-based semiconductor companies. To meet that growing demand these companies consistently reach out to TPD as their workforce partner.


TPD Partners With Fatigue Science To Ensure Temporary Staff Are Alert And Safe While On The Job With The TPD Fit For Duty Fatigue Check

While often undetected, worker fatigue is the leading cause of safety incidents and even fatalities in heavy machine industries like mining, mills, transportation and others.The importance of having the ability to detect and manage fatigue risk levels cannot be overstated.

That is why TPD has partnered with Fatigue Science, a pioneer in sleep and its relation to human performance, to offer North America’s only “Fit-for-Duty Fatigue Check” for staffing services. This partnership will allow TPD and their clients to actively monitor fatigue levels and intervene as necessary to prevent workers from operating while under a state of severe fatigue impairment.


TPD Announces New Partnership With Vancouver Based Company Talent Collective To Help Job Seekers Succeed

TPD is thrilled to announce its partnership with Vancouver startup, Talent Collective. Female owned and operated, Talent Collective provides training and guidance to job seekers and aims to help them find the workplace that fits them best.

Throughout the last 40 years of matching job seekers to temporary and permanent positions, TPD has strived to put strong candidates forward, and has built relationships with companies who align with its own values and objectives. Through interview coaching and resume building, the Talent Collective’s objectives are a complementary set to TPD’s.

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TPD, The International HR & Workforce Solutions Experts, Launched The TPD HR SmartScan This Week

The TPD HR SmartScan provides business decision makers insight in three major areas of their organizations: Gaps In Compliance, Structural Cracks and 360 Degree Internal Viewpoints. Many business owners are unaware of certain compliance and regulatory requirements they are supposed to be inline with, both on a local and federal level. The TPD HR SmartScan finds the missing pieces so businesses avoid the unwanted employee lawsuit. The TPD HR SmartScan minimizes risk for the business by ensuring proper processes are in place.

The TPD HR SmartScan surveys the businesses current HR landscape and uncovers ineffective programs or programs on life support as well as the HR landmines only visible to the expert eye. Interesting facts: “87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges” – Global Human Capital Trends, 2015 and “Fewer than 49% of employees would recommend their employer to a friend” Glassdoor Data Labs, Dec 2015. The TPD HR SmartScan provides insight from a selection of internal stakeholders to highlight what employees really think of the company.

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Bernadette Pughe, From TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector, Is Becoming Bridge City’s Go To Resource For Healthcare Staffing

TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector provides healthcare organizations in the Portland, Oregon Metro area sourcing opportunities with top healthcare talent in the region. TPD’s Portland Healthcare connector was created to connect qualified healthcare professionals seeking opportunities in the healthcare field who want a steady career path in the growing industry. TPD’s Portland healthcare connector has partnered with healthcare centers in the region to ensure qualified individuals are providing excellent patient care. With over twenty years in the healthcare field, the team from TPD’s Portland Healthcare Connector has worked with many healthcare centers and many applicants to understand all of the nuances required to connect the right organization with the right individual, resulting in the right fit for all parties involved.

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Nikita Weisgerber, Recruitment Specialist With TPD Exposes Outdated Hiring Strategies

The recruiting landscape has changed drastically – and if your company is unwilling or unable to adapt, your organization may find itself with a talent shortage or unnecessarily high rate of turnover. There’s no questioning that every business seeks top talent with the right experience, skills, and attitude – So why is it so difficult for some to hire for those critical positions?

Well, when was the last time you refreshed your hiring strategy? I talked with TPD Recruiting Specialist Nikita Weisgerber who explained how companies can recognize their recruiting faux-pas, and in turn, make their strategy more efficient.

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