July 19, 2016

FAQ: Document Management Platform (PandaDoc)

What is PandaDoc? 

PandaDoc is TPD's online document management platform. We have chosen PandaDoc to send all TPD documents including contracts, proposals, invoices, hiring packages, and more.  PandaDoc allows its users to gather legally-binding signatures, to create workflows ensuring all relevant parties receive required documents, and to collect credit card payments directly from invoices.

Why PandaDoc?

Although this new way of receiving documents and invoices from TPD may take some adjustment, we have adopted PandaDoc company-wide due to the benefits it provides all parties. Thanks to PandaDoc, we are able to:

  • Collaborate across office locations, gaining access to the documents our clients and candidates need from whenever they require
  • Communicate back and forth with our customers directly within a document (goodbye lengthy email chains!)
  • Make lives easier by collecting electronic signatures instead of requiring people to print and sign our documents
  • Provide our clients a "Pay Now" option directly from our online invoices
  • Go paperless and save trees!

How Does It Work?

  • When we send a PandaDoc document to you, you'll receive an email notification. Click on the "Open Document" button to view the document online. Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.13.16 AM
  • Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.15.32 AMYou can also Download a PDF or Print the document with the menu on the right.
  • If you'd like to include a co-worker or other party in the document, please use the Forward button to share access.Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.34.58 AM
  • Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.16.04 AMTo communicate with other document recipients and the TPD document sender, you may use the Comment  section on the right menu.
  • In the document, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.22.49 AMyou will be prompted to complete any required information and sign.
  • When the document is fully executed by all signing parties, you'll be able to download a copy of the executed document which includes a signing certificate. Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.33.54 AMThis certificate includes information on all signers and includes a document reference number for audit and record keeping.

I didn’t receive your email notification. Now what?

The initial document we send you is sent from PandaDoc’s email server. The sender email address is docs@pdoc.co - but the sender name will appear as your TPD contact.  In some cases, your company’s email platform may flag docs@pdoc.co as junk, and our email notification to you will end up in your junk folder.  

To ensure you are able to receive documents from TPD, please add docs@pdoc.co to your address book.  

Your TPD contact will check in with you after they have sent you your first document - to ensure you have received the email notification and were able to successfully open the document.

Is PandaDoc Secure?

PandaDoc runs on Amazon AWS, the same infrastructure, used by NASA, J.P. Morgan Chase, NASDAQ, and many others. This cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA compliant. We do not store any credit card information and use a PCI DSS Level 1 provider to process payments.

While, it’s common practice for cloud-based products to store data in a single location, PandaDoc does not believe this approach is secure enough. Instead, they encrypt all documents, data, and signatures by storing them in multiple locations. PandaDoc uses bank-grade AES-256 encryption with a secure key management system. Each time you download a document, we dynamically assemble it, decrypting the pieces of information from multiple locations for maximum security.

PandaDoc uses 256-bit SSL encryption protocols to keep your connection safe, which is what the majority of financial institutions and government agencies use for their web applications.

Do I Need a PandaDoc Account?

NO! You do not need an account to view or sign a document sent to you through the PandaDoc platform.

You may choose to create a PandaDoc account so that you can view and store all future PandaDoc documents that we send to you. There is no cost if you choose to create a PandaDoc account to store the documents we send to you, you would just not be able to use the platform to create and send documents.

A document access link (the email link) will expire 10 days after the document has been fully executed, so please be sure to download a copy if you do not wish to create a PandaDoc account.

What Do I Do If I Can't Open the Document?

PandaDoc is a web-based application and requires access to a web browser. PandaDoc works in all modern web browser including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE (Version 10+), Windows Edge . If you are unable to open the PandaDoc document online, please let us know as soon as possible.

If you experience issues opening PandaDoc, please contact the TPD document sender as soon as possible.