November 3, 2014

How to Approve E-Timesheets

1. Login

First you will need to login to the TPD Time online system.  You can do this using any browser and using the following URL:

Are you a new TPD Time user?

If this is your first time accessing TPD Time you will need to click the Forgot Your Password? link. This will take you to a password recovery screen where you will enter your email address. The system will then send you an email that will allow you to set your own password. You can then use that password to log into the system to begin tracking your time. Your User Name will be the email address you provided to TPD Staffing.

2. Choose the pay period.

The home page will default to the current week.  Click on the arrows next to the date to change the week and select the correct pay period for which you are approving.

 3. Select the employee's e-timesheet.

The home page defaults to the current viewer.  Click on the drop down menu labeled "Employee" and select the employee whose time needs to be approved.  This list will show you all of the employees you currently have working for you in that period.



4. Examine the hours.

Once you are viewing the employee's e-timesheet for the pay period that needs to be approved, look at the hours to make sure that they are accurate. The daily hours can be found in the row titled Total Time under the heading Accumulated Time.




4-a. Adjust hours worked if necessary.

If the hours presented on the time card are inaccurate, simply double click the inaccurate 'punch' to open the punch window.  In this window you can simply change the time of the punch, leave a note saying that you changed it, and hit save.



5. Verify the hours.

At the bottom right corner of the page, there is a window showing that the e-timesheet is Pending Authorization and a highlighted button to verify hours.  Once you have verified the hours, the page will update to show the date and time that you verified the hours.




6. Verify other employee's e-timesheets.

Once you have finished verifying an e-timesheet, you can verify another employee's e-timesheet by selecting their name from the drop down and repeating the process.