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Our Story


Workforce Inequality | 1950 – 1980

With the introduction of the temporary workforce, came the emergence of the concept of a two-tiered workforce. Temporary staff were not treated equitably in the workplace – they were compensated at a lower rate and did not receive the same benefits provided to permanent employees.


TPD Founded | 1980

The Personnel Department was established with a mission to be different – to put people first.  We opened our doors on July 2nd 1980, as the 1st temporary staffing agency to put a focus on retention and to hire a team to breaks down the stereotype of the ‘temp.’  Our Fieldstaff receive competitive pay, active performance management and 100% employer paid benefits.  We focus on quality, so that our clients can focus on results.

Service Expansion | 1980 – 2013

Over the course of 33 years, The Personnel Department was made and remade on words, ideas and ideals.  Our service offering grew to encompass recruiting, executive search, payroll processing and more.  The Personnel Department continued to evolve as a response to the needs of our clients and our commitment to being their full service HR partners.

The Next 33 Years | 2013 and Beyond

In December 2013, The Personnel Department became TPD – a full service talent management and organizational performance firm.  HR responsibilities evolved, seeping into other functions such as IT, marketing and operations and TPD is positioned to support our clients full-cycle.

TPD Mission

We help people succeed.

We help organizations perform.

TPD Values

  • Agile  We are creative when approaching a problem and developing a solution. We embrace learning and adjust quickly to make each day better than the next. We adapt to stay relevant We are open to new ideas and incorporate feedback so that we can improve.
  • Collaborative – We work as a team and do more than just our share. We believe we can accomplish more as a group than as individuals. We have a genuine desire to help others. We celebrate wins together and support each other through tough times.
  • Systems Enabled – We leverage technology and process to deliver value. If it’s not a system or not measured – it didn’t happen. We use systems to do more of what works. We improve by capturing discoveries into systems that can be shared and repeated.
  • #GSD – We hustle and get it done. We are accountable and take responsibility for our own actions. We are tough, committed and not afraid of hard work. We take initiative and use our best judgment to get the job done.
  • Business Minded – We understand what makes business work. We provide relevant solutions to impact business. We connect with our stakeholders as business partners. We recognize that problems and opportunities generate demand.
  • Results Focused – We are driven to succeed. We value results over activity. We strive for progress, not perfection. We focus on outcomes and achievements that create value.

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