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Summer is here… and The Electronic Staff Planner is back!

espIt’s that time again – summer is finally approaching. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, you know that giving yourself some time away from work can help clear your mind, enhance your productivity and benefit your company’s bottom line. Yet as magical of a time as it is, it is a timely reminder of the pandemonium that summer brings – vacation scheduling.

Vacation scheduling can be a major stressor for employers. From scheduling conflicts with multiple employees requesting the same time off, to working around black-out dates, and ensuring employees are utilizing their vacation allowances, there are many factors that can make summer scheduling a nightmare of stress and business costs, if not properly planned for in advance.

Ready to take charge early but not sure where to start? Don’t worry–we’ve got your back. In addition to providing you the most skilled and suitable temporary workers to cover for your employee absences, we also offer an array of resources and tools for effective HR management. For the last three decades we have carefully listened to our partner’s wants and needs and have created a foolproof method for anticipating and managing gaps due to employee absence before they arrive. Let us introduce you to The Electronic Staff Planner, a powerful tool that helps you track, schedule and balance all employee time off.

Use the promotion code VIPESP2013 at the checkout to download The Electronic Staff Planner (valued at $49.99) free of charge.

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