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Reducing Turnover | Revisiting Your Interviewing Phase

While employment rates may be increasing, employee turnover is also on the rise as resignations increase and employers struggle to retain employees (1) . Turnover can be a positive event for employers as it gives them the opportunity to bring in fresh talent and reassess engagement strategies, but turnover can be extremely expensive to employers. With turnover across industries peaking in the month of September, employers are searching for ways to minimize future turnover and, ultimately, to improve their bottom lines.

While managing voluntary resignations may seem to be ‘out of your control’, in actuality, there are many things that can be done to minimize turnover.

With 9 critical steps to revamping your hiring process, there are multiple opportunities for employers to minimize turnover risks by improving their screening processes and assessing employee ‘fit’ during each step of the hiring process. By outsourcing these processes, employers can rely on the expertise of recruiters and staffing agencies while remaining focused on other core competencies.


Looking to the interviewing step of the hiring process is an excellent example as this phase provides employers major insight into a candidate’s fit with the company culture. In this step, the goal is to get a better understanding of what will motivate and engage the employee to ensure his or her success and longevity with the organization. Spending time to better prepare for and structure the interview process can be extremely valuable, ensuring you are getting the best insights into the candidate’s character, potential, strengths and limitations.

There are many interview styles and questions to choose from, so we’ve put together a comprehensive Interview Guidebook for your reference.  With this resource, you’ll be able to better gauge employee fit and minimize the risks of future turnover.

Valued at $150, the Interview Guidebook is available to download for FREE for a limited time (use promo code VIP2013INT).

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(1) HR Metrics Service



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