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HR Services

TPD HR Services is designed to provide you with the HR you need, when you need it, without taking on an internal HR function. TPD HR Services scales with you as your business needs evolve. Whether it’s payroll processing, benefits administration, HR policy writing, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), employer branding, or employee engagement programs, our flexible solutions and hands-on expertise enable you to decrease costs and minimize liabilities by letting TPD execute these processes on your behalf.

With a full suite of HR services and expertise to leverage, you can rely on TPD to deliver your HR processes, regardless of company size.

Why partner with TPD HR Services?

HR’s complicated. We get it.

As a business, you can rely on TPD HR Services to deliver…

Full and Instant Capabilities

Utilize developed processes, procedures and tools.

Strategic Understanding

Align your people with your strategic direction. Build and develop the right team to deliver your corporate objectives.

Comprehensive HR Expertise

Match specialized expertise to your organizational needs as they evolve.

In-House, Virtual, and On-Call HR Support

Team of Certified HR Professionals (CHRP) can assist and advise you with HR issues as they arise.

Risk Mitigation

Ensure legal compliance and maintain employee goodwill.

Leading Practices

Implement innovative, leading edge HR practices.

Sustainable HR Practices

HRIS, policies and procedures, payroll and benefits administration.

TPD HR Services offers:

HR Planning

HR Alignment with your Strategic Plan & Organizational Objectives
TPD will work with you to understand the strategic direction of your organization and identify existing HR challenges that need to be addressed. We will develop a plan to align the human resources of your company with your strategic plan and objectives.

Inspiring Your Team
Define your vision, values and organizational objectives and present a compelling message to your team.

Legal HR Foundation – Define your Expectations & Manage Legal Risk

Custom Policy Manual
Set clear expectations on employment parameters, a respectful workplace, security… eg. Vacation, Sick Days, Work Hours, Breaks, Punctuality, Dress code, BYOD.

Employment Agreements
Utilize legal employment agreements for all employees.

Employee File Audit
Ensure your employee files a complete and compliant regarding privacy of employee information.

Attracting, Onboarding, and Retaining Top Performers

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Expedite and improve your internal recruitment process by leveraging TPD to develop and source candidates for your organization’s employment opportunities, screen applicant resumes, conduct reference, background or criminal record checks, and do skills assessments and exit interviews.

Employer of Choice
Small companies are not always able to attract high performers on compensation alone. Understand what your company has to offer and the many facets that affect employee satisfaction so that you can attract and retain top talent.

New Employee Orientation
Expedite the integration, productivity and satisfaction of new employees with a formal orientation process. Effective onboarding significantly enhances the probability of success and retention of your employees.

Organizational Structure and Design
Define your current and future organizational structures to identify skills and positions that you need to develop or find to manage future growth.

Employee Engagement
Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization by understanding employee concerns and motivations using a variety of tools, either open forum or confidential. Develop an employee retention plan based on what really matters to your team.

Organizational Performance

Job Descriptions
Clearly define the responsibilities and expectations for each area of the business including their measures for success. Design As most people in small companies wear multiple hats, job responsibilities need to be flexible and frequently revisited to meet the needs of the organization.

Performance Management
Achieve your organizational objectives by aligning individual and departmental goals with your corporate strategic plan. Coach managers and employees on setting SMART objectives and implement a regular review process.

Compensation Design
Drive and support the growth of your organization with a performance based compensation plans that is tailored to your company stage and size, and your competitive arena.

Training and Development
Develop training programs to enhance the skills and performance of your teams, managers and individuals.

Interim HR Support

Today’s HR problems, no matter how straightforward or commonplace, can easily become large organizational issues tomorrow.  If you are spending your time putting out people related fires, it might be time to take pro-active steps with your practices. When you need more dedicated HR support, TPD provides Interim HR Support to deliver results at the highest level.

Whether you’re in a period of transition, addressing an increased workload, executing specific HR projects, piloting a new division/company, or integrating a new business partner through a merger or acquisition process, our highly skilled professionals can support your company.  It can be a lengthy process to fill HR needs, especially at the executive or director level. The HR skill set you need to get through the next phase of your business may not be needed as an on going role, so take advantage of bringing on an HR person to assist you as needed.

Having our seasoned professionals work with you allows for your work to continue without the bumps that being understaffed can incur.  We deliver tailored Interim HR Support, and are able to provide on/off-site services for the time frame that meets your needs.

Unlike other firms, we don’t just payroll consultants.  We support and manage our team, ensuring that they have access to the best practices and resources available,  to ensure they are highly efficient and effective.

TPD’s Interim HR Support is designed to support your business with experienced HR professionals at every level for the amount of time that meets your needs.

HR Administration

Payroll Processing, Time and Attendance
TPD can manage your payroll and time and attendance including a variety of electronic options for time tracking.

Employee Benefits
Provide your company with “Big Company” benefits on a “Small Company” budget. TPD can provide you with a competitive benefits offering tailored to your needs and manage program administration.

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